something soup


something soup is a collection of media involving the characters introduced on this website.
something soup is animations, comics, art, maybe games in the future, just a broth of whatever tastes good.
as long as it involves these funny little creatures, it is "something soup".

a 3D blue rat spinning here is an animation i made in 2021. to see more like this, check out my youtube channel a blue rat doing the 'dancing baby' animation

about the characters


Lex wasn't always a giant rat. He was specifically chosen by the Rat King to become a knight in the Rat Kingdom, granting Lex his rat like appearance and powers. They're not sure what the powers are, but the wizard that granted them their form, claims that they have them.

Lex is very popular; everyone loves his jokes, quips and bits. lex often hosts the get-togethers, knowing full well that if nabil attends (which he will), Lex won't need to cook. this is good news, as they only knows how to make pasta bake, and not well.


Jester is not supposed to be in the overworld. they wandered out looking for a drinking fountain, and forgot how to get back. They are not evil, they are just very annoying. they don't take compliments very well and are easily flustered. the pack keeps Jester around because their antics are funnier than they are disruptive.

if you accidentally rub your eyes after touching Jester's skin, you will experience a sensation not unlike when you've been chopping onions. Jester can actually be summoned anywhere (unwillingly), but they refuse to give out their ritual spell.


Kicks is needlessly athletic - the others having borne witness to his two-storey vertical leap, and his eighteen-mawie horizontal leap, can testify to this. unfortunately, his record on a skateboard is only three mawies, length-wise.

Kicks has the appearance of a regular marsupial, except for a very plant like colouration and texture, suggesting he may not be fully animal. he has a pouch under his shirt, which is non-euclidean in volume, allowing him to carry much larger and heavier items than seems possible.


sookie is a very tall and very clumsy creature, her head is heavy and causes her to sway when walking. for a creature with no teeth, she has a massive appetite - she can eat up to 50kg of bananas a day, and is not picky about if they are still green and unripe.

she was once a much smaller creature, and her simian nature was much more prominent - she used to love to climb trees, but has grown far too tall for that now. This doesn't stop her from trying, though.


Mawie is the strangest creature among the pack. She is often seen in multiple places at once, and with varying colours on her cheeks. combined with the fact that she frequently refers to herself using plural pronouns, it's assumed that there are multiple Mawies.

regardless, she is always very kind and knows the rest of the rat pack intimately. If there are multiple Mawies, they must have a collective conscience. when mawie feels threatened or has a spike in adrenaline, they may lose control of their corporeal form.


Skiff is burdened with the role of having to tell his friends when and if they've gone too far. he hates being the "responsible one," but when you're friends with ghosts, demons and tricksters of all kinds, someone's gotta keep them in check.

despite wearing glasses, Skiff is a bit of a sk8r boy, and is often seen at the skate park with Kicks. he is also good with robots and computers, and is the one to fix things around the house.

sometimes when he is at the park, people will throw bread at him, thinking he might eat it.


Nabil is a very enthusiastic friend who shows his love through cooking. he always volunteers to make the centerpiece meal in any get-together, despite this often stressing him about whether or not people will like it (they always do.)

Nabil's erratic nature could also be a result of his not getting enough sleep - his golden feathers emit a very faint glow, which looks stunning to everyone else, but is not great for his sleep cycle.

Nabil always smells like honey mustard, and it's unclear if this is innate, or from his hours spent around the kitchen.


there are more characters coming

to the something soup universe...

hopefully soon...

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